Philosophy of Work

Communicating stories, concepts, and ideas to others can be done through many mediums. Typically, those communicators pick one medium, stick with it, and become defined by it as in a ‘painter,’ a ‘writer,’ a ‘poet,’ etc. Writing and photography, in the tradition of the best long-form journalism, go hand in hand. As two static mediums, one mental, and the other visual, they stimulate the imagination and encourage critical thinking. When they come from the same creative mind, the relationship is even more perfect.

  • Art, Food, and Travel Writing: My passion is creating descriptive, lively prose covering travel topics, the art world, and all things food related. When covering these topics, I always strive to do so in a way that is respectful to the locals, focusing in on history and culture so that readers can gain a deeper understanding of a place. I believe this human focused narrative is not only more engaging to read, but promotes cultural appreciation. I frequently combine these stories with my photography.

  • Copy, Content, and Professional Communications: I got my professional start writing copy and blogs for a B2B marketing firm. Over the past 2 years I have specialized in writing engaging articles about the highly technical blockchain & crypto space as the Communications Manager for a Blockchain and ICO marketing and consulting agency based in Liechtenstein. This requires a great deal technical writing, taking highly complex subjects and explaining them in a lively and interesting manner to a non-technical, non-native speaking audience. You can read some of these articles on my Medium page.

  • Editing: I have edited academic journal articles, copy, business communications, and technical documents for a variety of clients. I specialize in editing work by non-native speakers, where an understanding of other languages and syntaxes is a must.

My Expereince

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